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The World Cup Athletics Results


The IAAF World Cup Athletics which from 2010 has been renamed as IAAF Continental Cup is the only world competition where teams representing entire continents, rather than just individual nations. The event originally where taking place every two years (one year after the previous olympic games and one year before the next olympics) but after the introduction of the IAAF world athletics championships and especially from the point these games became biennial, it takes place every four years between the Summer Olympic Games cycle.

In its previous format eight teams were participating in the IAAF World Cup in Athletics. In some cases a ninth team was entering if the host nation wanted to take part with a separate team. The teams who participate were the first two national teams in men and women from the preceding European Team Championships (former Bruno Zauli), the USA and the continental teams from the rest of Europe, the rest of America, Africa, Asia and Oceania. The competition was separated for men and women.

From the 2010 event in Split, the number of teams was reduced to four: Africa, the Americas, Asia/Pacific and Europe. Also no separate national team were participated anymore. In addition, the separate men's and women's competitions were merged; the continental teams now compete for a single mixed championship.

From 2010 in Split, the event ha been called IAAF Continental Cup instead of World Cup in Athletics as it was known before.

The world cups in athletics analytically are:

1st IAAF World Cup in Athletics - Dusseldorf 1977

2nd IAAF World Cup in Athletics - Montreal 1979

3rd IAAF World Cup in Athletics - Rome 1981

4th IAAF World Cup in Athletics - Canberra 1985

5th IAAF World Cup in Athletics - Barcelona 1989

6th IAAF World Cup in Athletics - Havana 1992

7th IAAF World Cup in Athletics - London 1994

8th IAAF World Cup in Athletics - Johanesburg 1998

9th IAAF World Cup in Athletics - Madrid 2002

10th IAAF World Cup in Athletics - Athens 2006

11th IAAF World Cup in Athletics - Split 2010

2014 IAAF Continental Cup - Marrakesh

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